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The First Crank


You know what pairs really well with Thai food? Coconut ice cream! That’s what Mike & Toa Green thought in 2011, when they were looking for a fun dessert option to serve in their family restaurant, Thai Orchid Cafe. They purchased a 2-quart Cuisinart ice cream maker for $60 & started making small batches using the best local & exotic ingredients they could find.

The Churning Point


As the ice cream gained popularity in the restaurant, Toa & Mike decided to take their product to the masses & launched Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream as a “food truck” (actually a cart and a tent) in 2013. From there, Crank & Boom invaded the community with delicious ice cream & warm service at local festivals, weddings, & corporate events. The company continued to grow organically as they added a wholesale division, continued to serve at hundreds of local events, & developed a team like no other. But the fans were still hungry for more.

Here’s the cold, hard, creamy delicious truth: we’re obsessed with ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but the kind made from only the best local, all-natural ingredients. Ingredients like Kentucky dairy from JD Country Milk, blackberry jam from Windstone Farm,  strawberries from VanMeter Family farms and honey from Hosey’s Honey in Midway.  

Our waffle cones are made fresh every day and almost all of our sauces and toppings are made from scratch.  Our ice creams made with a 14% butterfat mix and churned densely like gelato.  This process gives it that super creamy, ultra rich texture that the masses have fallen in love with over the years. 

We do this because we know the highest quality ingredients make the best ice cream. Our ice cream and desserts are chef crafted—which is just a fancy way of saying we like to play with our food to create melt-in-your-mouth flavor combinations. Did we mention we’re obsessed?

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